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Taking Long Views (1887), by May Kendall

His locks were wild, and wild his eye, Furrowed his brow with anxious thought. Musing I asked him: “Tell me why You look thus vacant and distraught?” Sadly he gazed into my face: He said, “I have no respite, none! Oh, shall we wander into space Or fall into the sun? “Astronomers I’ve sought in […]

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Lay of the Trilobite (1885), by May Kendall

A mountain’s giddy height I sought, Because I could not find Sufficient vague and mighty thought To fill my mighty mind; And as I wandered ill at ease, There chanced upon my sight A native of Silurian seas, An ancient Trilobite. So calm, so peacefully he lay, I watched him even with tears: I thought […]

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